Don’t fork out for professional photography blindly!

Find out what the ROI is for the images you want!

Only pay for the images and video you are going to use!

In the consultation we will discuss:

Your brand

Your product or service

Your target audience

Your goals/targets

What you want

What your expectations are for what each image or video is aiming to achieve

What we do not offer

A marketing strategy

You or your marketing team will already have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it. This consultation is not designed to develop or change any long term plans.

Over inflated prices or photography and imagery packages

We are in this for the long run and want to build a long term relationship where we can work together to achieve your aims.

…but what we do offer

A free service

An open and honest discussion of whether or not professional images or videos are worth your while or marketing spend.

We will deliver an ROI analysis based on your targets or goals, (and we can even help you determine what these are!)

No Obligation Options

Suggested options and packages, with absolutely no obligation to purchase from us. The final report will recommend what you may need and you can decide how, and who produces the end results for you.


Following the consultation I will produce an honest follow up report that will outline what images and videos you may need for your business to be used for your website and marketing channels, as well as social media and online video.

If you are looking for professional photography or videography for your business to use for marketing or social media, contact us first to discuss what you are hoping to achieve with it. You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds of your marketing budget on professional photography and videos if the return on investment is low or non-existent. I will discuss with you what you are trying to achieve and give you a realistic recommendation of what you should invest your budget on.


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